Kathy Mydlach Bero is an author, speaker, reiki master, and certified integrative health & cancer coach.

Kathy spent 18 years as an advocate for ecosystem protection and traveled extensively teaching leadership skills to women around the world before settling with her family on a 60-acre farm.

In 2005, Kathy’s idyllic rural lifestyle was turned upside down with her diagnosis of two rare and late-stage cancers. Conventional cancer treatments challenged her physical strength as they pushed her dangerously close to death. Ultimately, she was forced to evolve into a powerful self-advocate that unconventionally engaged her innate abilities to heal.


It is her steadfast belief that true health care reform starts with clean, high quality food together with energy healing modalities that deepen our spiritual connection to not only improve the quality of our lives but prevent disease, improve disease outcomes and prevent recurrence. 

NuGenesis closed its doors in 2016 after area communities embraced and continue to embrace the principles of using food as medicine. Today, NuGenesis is no longer a unique concept and stands as just one model for communities across the globe.